The Aqua Wave CSPM dashboard is the starting point to evaluating the security of your connected cloud accounts. The dashboard provides high-level insight into scan report findings, a regional breakdown of findings, and the ability to locate which cloud accounts have the most risks across your infrastructure.


Quick Information

At the top of your CSPM dashboard are a series of tiles highlighting:

  • The total number of security risks discovered across all of your connected cloud accounts
  • The number of new security risks discovered since the last scan of those accounts
  • The number of your connected accounts that are "enabled" (actively being scanned)
  • Your current Aqua Wave plan (e.g. "Premier")

Cloud Account Scan Summaries

Beneath the quick information tiles is a list of all of your connected accounts and a summary of each account's most recent scan. You can click on any row in this table to change the other panels, such as the "total security risk" count or the regional breakdown chart.

Regional Breakdown

At the bottom of the dashboard is a chart showing the number of detected risks in each region. If you see a sudden spike in risks in a region you don't actively use, this could indicate a compromised cloud account and we recommend investigating it quickly by opening the associated account's CSPM scan report.