The compliance report shows a comprehensive picture of the scanned cloud account compliance status.


Navigate to Scans > Scan Reports and select the Compliance option in the top navigation for a specific Scan Report. 

Viewing Compliance Reports

  1. Go to Scans > Scan Reports
  2. Click on View Report for the desired cloud account
  3. Select Compliance in the top navigation area
  4. Select the Compliance Program of your preference to review the report
  5. Click on the Compliance Program Controls and Plugins to review the corresponding detailed compliance results analysis.

Exporting Compliance Reports

Each compliance program's report can be exported as a PDF or CSV, just click on Export and select the desired option.

Please see below an example of a PDF Export.

Additional Compliance Programs can be created and Scan Reports will automatically generate mapped results to match the program mapping. To create a Custom Compliance Program navigate to Compliance and then click on Create Program.

Read more about other Supported Compliance Programs.