Typical problems with signing in to Aqua Wave include the following.

Invalid Email Address

If your email address is not recognized when you attempt to sign in, it may be due to the following reasons.

A Different Email Address Used To Create The Account

Verify that the email address that you are using to create the account is the same one that you are using to sign in. One way to verify this is by finding the most recent email that you have received from the system. If you have recently signed up for Aqua Wave this may be an email with a hyperlink for you to verify your email address.

Your Account Requires Single Sign On (SSO)

Accounts that have have single sign on enabled may then require that SSO is the only method of signing in to the system. Check with an account Administrator to verify if this is the situation.

Invalid Password

If you are are using the proper email address and cannot recall your proper password, you may reset your password.

Invalid Single Sign On

If your account has not enabled SSO for your domain then you will receive a message informing you to enable it. After it is enabled you will be able to sign in via SSO.