Aqua Wave supports several capabilities related to the security of your user account.


Audit Logs

All write-level activity, including logins, account changes, and other details are recorded as audit logs which you can access at any time. Audit logs are enabled for every account and accessible for viewing to Team, Advanced, and Premier plan users.

Session Timeout

The default Aqua Wave session timeout is 1 hour. This can be changed by contacting support.

Account Lockout

If you attempt to log in with too many failed attempts, your account may be locked for a period of time. For assistance, please contact support.

API Key Permissions

If you are using an API key to access Aqua Wave's APIs, you may restrict its permissions to certain endpoints.

Groups and RBAC

Every Aqua Wave account has administrators, standard users, group administrators, and group users that can be used to control access to resources. Read more.